Reputation – MPs: Domestic contribution

Read more about how members of parliament view the pharmaceutical sector’s domestic contribution

The successful development of COVID-19 vaccines has boosted the sector’s reputation in the House of Commons for its international reach and positive societal contribution.

This shapes MP’s views of the sector as a leading global player and driving force in the discovery, research and development of medicines and vaccines. They also believe that the sector invests more in R&D in the UK than other industry sectors including Tech and Aerospace.

Most [Pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK] are doing some significantly important research in areas of both treatment and drug development. They are large employers, they are huge collections with funding research, joint projects with universities and they make a significant contribution to the UK economy and they are significantly part of the international response to all sorts of medical illnesses. Conservative Backbencher

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Pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK… (Strongly agree/tend to agree)

Which sector do you think invests the most in R&D in the UK in an average year?

Last modified: 20 September 2023

Last reviewed: 20 September 2023