COVID-19 response: Members of Parliament

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In the wake of COVID-19 vaccine approvals, Parliamentarians have a highly positive view of the sector’s response to the pandemic. Almost eight in ten believe the sector has handled the COVID-19 response ‘very well’.

The successes of COVID-19 vaccines underlies much positivity among MPs. They praise the speedy vaccine development and the collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and other bodies in tackling the pandemic.

This year is exceptional, but [Pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK] have done an amazing job bringing forward both treatment and vaccine quickly, more quickly than expected. Especially in the UK, they are pioneering, they are world-leaders in developing medication and treatment and yes, there is a profit motive, but that doesn’t change the overall outcome for patients. Labour Backbencher

MP Covid response

How well do you think pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The development of the COVID-19 vaccines also reinforces other positive opinions MPs have of the sector. Nearly all MPs believe the sector advances the UK’s role in discovering new medicines, is world-leading and makes a positive contribution to the economy.

We have got vaccines coming forward, manufacturers in the UK have vaccines coming on at roughly the same time. To do something in a year which normally takes 10 years is incredible. Conservative Backbencher


Believe the sector plays a leading role globally in discovering new medicines


Believe the sector makes a positive financial contribution to the economy

Given the way [Pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK] have stepped up to look at vaccine development and deployment and also their role in testing as well and getting those tests out in a timely fashion this year has really proven that they are not the scary money-focused organisations that sometimes people might naively believe. They were there when we needed them. Conservative Backbencher
[Pharmaceutical companies operating in the UK] have come up with a vaccine and they have been working for 8 months to try and develop a vaccine. It is a fairly significant achievement. SNP Backbencher

Last modified: 20 September 2023

Last reviewed: 20 September 2023